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6 Horn & 4 Rhythm
2 Trumpets (flugels), Alto Sax (soprano sax/flute), Tenor Sax (soprano sax/flute), Trombone (bass trb), Bari Sax (flute, alto flute),
Keyboard, Guitar, Bass, Drums

High, fast & loud! Challenging. Open solos.
Another Cha-Cha -
Another Kind Of Sunday -
Blue Bossa -
By Torchlight -
Chop Check -
Cleared For Takeoff -
Come On Home -
Countin' The Cost -
Crisis -
Defunked -
Delicate Surgery -
Desire -
Downtown Dallas -
Easy To Love -
Felonious Funk -
Fishleggs -
Four Friends -
Frankly Speaking -
Funky Monkey Business -
Goin' Home -
Happy People -
Heart To Heart -
I Remember Skylab -
Jungle Fever -
Kafka -
Keep That Same Old Feeling -
Let It Flow -
Love Till The End Of Time -
Magic Lady -
Magical Valley -
Matinee Idol -
Music Scene -
No More Blues -
Palladium -
Party Hearty -
Pools -
Red Baron -
Roadways -
Rock Prelude & Fugue -
Run For Cover -
Sambandrea Swing -
Sidewinder -
Solo Flight -
Squib Cakes -
Stride -
Sugar Loaf Mountain -
Target -
The Bone Specialist -
The Hornet -
Theme From Dr. Hip -
Tom Cat -
Too Hip For The Room -
Tune 88 -
Water Sign -
High Energy Latin
Shuffle, Bari feature (Gerry Mulligan)
12/8 Shuffle
12/8 Ballad (Marvin Stamn)
Up rock. (Jack Daugherty)
Come On Home -
Funk, Tenor/Gtr feature. (Koina)
not like original (Freddie Hubbard)
Latin/funk Original
Smooth Jazz (Tom Scott)
Funky jazz/rock (Victor Feldman)
Funky Thelonious
70's Rock (Murphy)
Swing. Trumpet/Tenor solos Bob Ryan original
Funky, swing solos. Original
Goin' Home-
Happy People- (Paulino DaCosta)
Heart To Heart- (Victor Feldman)
I Remember Skylab- Dave original
Latin, easy, flugels. (Neils Larsen)
Jazzy latin/funk(Singers Unlimited)
Pop/Funk (Crusaders)
Let It Flow-
Love Till The End Of Time-
Magic Lady-
Fast, challenging! Trpt/Tenor (Doc Sevensen)
Matinee Idol-
70's fanfarish rock (Bob Florence)
Palladium -
FAST C blues! Acapella horns. (Bob Florence)
Jazz Fusion. Tenor/Bass(Steps Ahead)
Easy funk, groove. (Billy Cobham)
Hard to describe, challenging (Seawind)
70's Rock, lots of notes. (Bob Florence)
Funk, alto feature (David Sanborn)
Need I say?? Trpt/Tenor (Don Menza)
12/8 shuffle version. Head & open solos.
Easy funk. Slide trpt feature (Jack Daugherty)
Funk. B3 organ. (Tower of Power)
Funky shuffle. Tenor (Tom Scott)
High energy Funk, keyboard. (George Duke)
Funk in 3. Tenor feature. (Tom Scott)
Funk, Trombone featureOriginal
The Hornet- Fusion (Yellow Jackets)
Funk Original
70's Jazz/Funk, Tenor (Tom Scott)
Up Swing. Sax soli/ (Pat Williams)
Funk/Shuffle blues. Open solos. (Jeff Lorber)
Funky, flutes. (Jeff Lorber)
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